Currently a third year Psychology Doctoral Student at the National University of Singapore

M.A. Mass Communications, Nanyang Technological University

Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), National Institute of Education, Singapore

B.A. Communications, National University of Singapore

About Jessica

After her undergraduate studies, Jessica went on to teach in a Junior College and then a Polytechnic in Singapore. Several years in the classroom showed her how even the most intelligent students struggle to reach their goals - they put in effort, they work hard, but they do not perform as well as they have the potential to. Why? She also saw the tremendous impact teachers have on their students and how they have the potential to change learning trajectories. But many are not impacting lives as they should. Why?

To begin to solve the mysteries of what drive achievement and how to change people’s beliefs and behaviors, Jessica signed up for graduate school, where together with her amazing advisor, Dr. Patricia Chen, they investigate motivation and achievement and design psychologically precise and scalable interventions to promote the adoption of adaptive beliefs and behaviors.